Residential Security Checklist

Approximately 80 per cent of burglaries are crimes of opportunity. The burglar takes advantage of unlocked doors, open window, poor quality locks, keys left under mats or other obvious places. Spending a long time or making a lot of noise breaking in increases the risk of them being caught.

Front Door

  • Is it fitted with a deadlock?
  • Is a door viewer required?
  • Is a security chain required?

Back Door

  • Is it fitted with a deadlock?


  • Are they fitted with locks that prevent lifting or forcing?

French Doors

  • Are they fitted with security locks?
  • Are they fitted with bolts to prevent the doors being pushed open?
  • Are they fitted with hinge bolts to prevent forcing if hinge pins are removed?


  • Are all accessible windows fitted with locks?
  • Are all windows used for ventilation fitted with window stays?

Garages & Sheds

  • Are internal doors between garage and house fitted with security locks?
  • Are roller doors/tilt-a-doors securely locked?
  • Are external shed doors securely locked?


  • Have your locks been "re-keyed" since you have owned the property?
  • Are spare keys kept securely away out of sight?
  • Is a "key box" installed outside for spare keys for family, friends, caregivers etc?


  • Are valuables and important papers secured in a safe?