Secuguard HS550 Steel Plate Safe - Consignment

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Solid steel construction with 6mm steel plate body reinforced with steel bar all around front edges. Solid 12mm steel plate door with
internal hinges.
Drill resistant hardened steel plate to protect lock area.
32mm solid steel active locking bolts (excluding SHS1K).
Chrome plated tri-spoke handle (excluding SHS1K).
Carpet to floor and shelves.
4 x 15mm anchor bolt holes in base and back.
Durable powder coated hammertone finish in charcoal.
Safe with key lock: Quality Australian made pick resistant Ross key lock.
Safe with mechanical combination lock:
Quality UL listed mechanical combination lock.
Secondary spring-loaded re-locking device.
Safe with electronic digital lock:
Quality UL listed SecuRam electronic digital safe lock.
Secondary spring-loaded re-locking device.
Programmable manager code and user code.
Universal lock footprint for easy lock conversion. Audit trial, time delay, dual control mode, Bluetooth, multi-user, biometric,
access control and emergency key override available at an additional cost.
Digital keypad with led top lighting for improved access in dimly-lit locations.
Errant access lockout feature.
Battery compartment is located within the keypad housing.

External: 550H x 470W x 400D