Dormakaba C-Lever Compact - Black

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With the c-lever series, you can control access for an almost unlimited number of users for specific locations and times, while continuing to use the mechanical master key system completely independently. The RFID access media can also be used for other applications that you have already introduced in your organisation.

The c-lever compact is a smart solution for:
Glass and internal doors
Innovative patented design including a housing that can be rotated
You can generally continue to use your existing lever handle, cylinder and lock – depending on the installation situation
Examples of potential applications include offices, administrative buildings, sports halls and gyms, and guest houses.

Thanks to the wireless solution, you can enjoy remote access to your access system, and manage and maintain the c-lever compact from the comfort of your desk.

The c-lever compact offers stylish design combined with a wide range of functions. Its innovative design means that it can be installed upside down, which is great for doors in tight spaces, such as glass doors, or doors where the cylinder is located above the lever handle.