Abus TVAC80020 Wireless Intercom Kit

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$429.00 (Incl. GST)


Wireless door intercom with integrated IR camera and portable 3.5" colour monitor.

With an electric strike connected, the door can be remotely opened by pressing a button on the monitor. After pressing the doorbell images can be recorded to an SD card

Works on battery power or can be hard wired.

Records video of who called when you are not home

Door station is in a weatherproof housing, protection class IP55

1. Pressing the doorbell activates the portable monitor (live screen & recording)
2. You can view the video image on the monitor then talk to the caller.
3. You can open the door by simply pressing a button on the monitor (if installed)
4. the image is recorded automatically for viewing at a later stage.

In addition to the door station and monitor, in the box you will find everything you need for fitting to a house of apartment, including; power supply units, cable leads, screws & wall plugs.