appLOK Wifi / BLE Remote Update Hub

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appLOK S-651 Wifi/Bluetooth Gateway Hub
Control your lock when you are away from home.
appLOK Gateway takes all the Bluetooth Functions of your appLOK Smart Lock and transmits it over Wi-Fi.

appLOK Gateway allows you to control and manage most functions of your appLOK Remotely with a Wi-Fi Connection. You can unlock the appLOK Smart Lock remotely and receive live notifications for when the appLOK is unlock and which unlock code was used. You can delete codes, create codes, set one-off codes and receive a notification when a code is used.

appLOK Gateway is great for those that want to keep an eye on who is coming into your office or home.

appLOK Gateway is also perfect for AirBnB owners: You can set un-lock codes to only work during their stay, and become inactive after their stay.

Model G2
Dimensions: 70x70x26mm
Network: Wi-Fi 2.4G
IEEE standard: 802.11 b/g/n
Power Interface: USB Type-C (Included)
Power Input: DC 5V/500mA

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